Kannaway ™ Pure Gold CBD oil

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Kannaway ™ Pure Gold

Kannaway ™ Pure Gold

Can a simple oil profoundly improve the quality of your life in many respects and affect your longevity? Yes – it definitely can, if it’s a non-GMO Pure Gold CBD oil by Kannaway ™! What’s so special about this particular oil that it sets it apart from all others? These are: its unusual composition rich in cannabinoids, especially cannabidiol, its high quality, controlled production system and a wide range of applications in common diseases. An undeniable advantage of the oil is its very high quality, which is influenced by origin of the raw material used for the production of the preparation, and obtained only from legal plantations of non-genetically modified plants. The oil is extracted from mature stems of cannabis grown in ecologically clean regions of Northern Europe, with the use of proprietary extraction methods. For the sake of the highest quality, each batch of oil is subjected to the Triple Lab Testing ™ procedure, involving 3 separate laboratory tests of the product in the period between the cannabis harvest and the final packaging of the ready-made product for sale. Kannaway is a pioneer offering this testing system for every manufactured product of natural origin. In addition, all products meet the rigorous quality guarantee requirement, which means that no potentially harmful substances such as genetically modified ingredients, pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used in production. Thanks to this, you can be sure you will receive a clean and high-qualitaty product, suitable for people who value exclusive and safe pro-health measures.




Kannaway ™ Pure Gold is rich in CBD – cannabinoids – substances responsible for maintaining balance in the body and repairing damage caused by diseases and other factors, such as excessive stress, environmental pollution or unhealthy lifestyle. Pure Gold is also a great source of medium-chain triglycerides, essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, fiber, protein, terpenes and flavonoids. The guaranteed high level of safety means that it can be used by people of all ages, including young children. Pure Gold contains 1000 mg CBD – cannabidiol, but does not contain THC (THC-free CBD oil) – the substance that is considered illegal, so the oil can be consumed by anyone who is undergoing drug testing, such as athletes or active and retired soldiers or anyone who simply observes the law. The unique method of production by decarboxylation, i.e. extraction with liquid carbon dioxide allows to retain high quality substances in the oil and makes the product particularly rich in valuable cannabinoids, especially CBD – cannabidiol. It is considered one of the major substances most significantly affecting the endocannabinoid system, which whoisw role is to regulate and maintain the homeostasis of the body. It has been found that cannabidiol is beneficial in the treatment of many various ailments associated with nerve activity. The high efficiency of CBD-containing products observed empirically and reported worldwide makes them more and more eagerly promoted and purchased globally to combat various types of neurological disorders. You can read more about the use and effectiveness of cannabiodiol in specific diseases here: CBD in the treatment of common ailments as well as serious and chronic diseases.



Preventive : it is recommended to start treatment with oil from small doses, such as a few drops, and gradually increase the amount until acquiring the most appropriate effect for your body. It is advised to listen and observe the reactions of your own body and notice the changes taking place in it when using oil in order to optimize the doses. Daily demand for different patients may vary depending on the stage of the disease and overall health condition, as well as on the current individual needs of the cannabinoid system. It is recommended to take preventively 3/4 teaspoons 1-2 times a day and for existing health problems depending on the severity of the disease and personalized recommendations.


Full-spectrum Cannabidiol oil extracted from the cannabis plant stems, containing over one hundred different cannabinoids.

Pure Gold oil contains 1000 mg of CBD.

Where and how to buy?

The easiest and safest solution is to purchase the product directly from the manufacturer using the link provided here: safe shopping from Kannaway. We warn against the purchase of the product on internet auctions, where counterfeits of unverified composition and quality, potentially dangerous to health, can be sold. We ensure that the product available at the given link is 100% original and at the best offered price.

Do you want to buy products much cheaper?

If you want to buy Kannaway products cheaper, go directly to the Kannaway store and register as “Loyal Customer” or become “Kannaway brand ambassador” , should you need help, contact us here: contact.

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