5 Disposable Vaping Facts You Need to Know

5 Disposable Vaping Facts You Need to Know

It’s been more than a decade since vaping was legalized in the United States, but despite the time passed, this industry is a mystery to many people. The passing of myths, most of which are far from the truth, has worsened the situation.

So, here are 5 truth statements about vaping you should know:

1. Vaping Is Cheaper Than Smoking

Vapers will tell you that vaping is much cheaper than smoking, and they are right. On average, you spend significantly less money when you switch from smoking to vaping. The reason is that in the US, cigarettes are taxed at the federal and state levels. Also, they have local sales taxes and cigarette-specific taxes imposed on them. The combination of all these extra costs raises the price of cigarettes significantly.

In contrast, taxes on e-cigarettes and vapes vary by state, and the sales taxes imposed are minimal depending on where you live. As such, disposable vapes are much more affordable compared to cigarettes.

2. Vaping Can Help in Reducing or Quitting Smoking

Quitting smoking is always very tough because the body is used to a flood of dopamine and adrenaline from the inhaled nicotine, which excites the brain and the body. An abrupt stop is nearly impossible. However, a disposable vape pen can help you stay on top of your nicotine cravings. As you vape, you continue to get some nicotine but with fewer toxins than what comes from burning tobacco. As you get your fix from vaping, you find that you do not need to smoke and may quit the habit altogether.

Another advantage is that vapes are sold with varying nicotine strengths, allowing you to control the nicotine you take in. So, if you intend to wean yourself from nicotine, you can gradually cut down the vape strength, and you will be slowly freed from the addiction.

3. You Can Develop A Vape Tongue

Yes, there’s something called a ‘vape tongue,’ and you develop it when you take a single flavor for a long time. With a vape tongue, you lose the taste for the particular flavor, meaning you start to not ‘feel’ the flavor, or it becomes unpleasant. But having a vape tongue does not mean that you completely lose your sense of taste. The loss of taste only applies to the particular flavor you have overused. Nevertheless, a 10-14 day sabbatical can help restore your taste buds, or you could switch to a different flavor and continue enjoying vaping.

4. Vaping May Restore Your Lungs’ Defenses

A team from the University of Catania, led by Professor Polosa, conducted a study to determine the impact of switching from smoking to vaping on mucociliary clearance. Mucociliary clearance is the mechanism through which the cilia, some tiny hairlike structures in your lungs, work with mucus to trap harmful substances that come into your lungs.

The study found that combustion-free products, such as vapes, can be used in reducing harm to the lungs caused by traditional tobacco smoking – as an additional tool to abstain from smoking cigarettes and in turn increase the lungs’ key defenses against harmful material.

5. There Are About 7,000 Different Vape Flavors From Which To Choose

There Are About 7,000 Different Vape Flavors From Which To Choose

There Are About 7,000 Different Vape Flavors From Which To Choose. Image by haiberliu from Pixabay

As the use of vape pens has grown tremendously across America and the rest of the world, producers have also risen to the occasion and produced a tremendous number of flavors. Whatever flavor concoction you can imagine, there’s bound to be a vape pen for it in the market. A buyer is truly spoilt for choice. It’s one of the reasons people like vaping so much. The customized packaging for each flavor also makes it fun.

With vapes, there’s no need to stick to a single flavor to the point of developing a vaper’s tongue. You can switch up your flavor profile whenever you want. So, do it.

What Vape Should You Get?

The convenience of online shopping is now available for vape pens and similar products. To get started, browse online smoke shops to discover the flavors available. Choose a flavor or two that interests you the most. But, be careful to check the description to see the varying nicotine strengths and pick a vape that matches your preferences or aligns with your nicotine discontinuation goals.

Author: Laura Henry

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