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Descriptions, reviews

Detailed descriptions, reviews, composition of popular dietary supplements.

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A detailed compilation of the best slimming and acne pills, as well as anti-wrinkle preparations and specifics against cellulite.


A reliable source of knowledge about healthy lifestyle, herbs, oils, nutrition and much more.

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Eco Supplements

Eco-Supplements – effective, healthy, natural – We recommend the best available products that have proven themselves worldwide.

Dietary supplements

A dietary supplement is a special preparation containing ingredients necessary for health ( especially vitamins and other exogenous substances), which are of ten deficient in common diet. In many cases the suplement  is supplied to provide the components in a greater amount and cover the insufficiency that may be caused by irregular or inadequate nutrition. The suplement is most often supplied  in a concentrated form – as a tablet, pill, powder or liquid. The most popular are: supplements for slimming, anti-cellulite supplements, supplements against acne and supplements against snoring.


Vitamins (for example vitamin A, vitamin C) form a group of organic substances (chemical compounds of various structure), which are indispensible for the proper functioning of the living organism. These compounds are of natural origin or synthetically prepared. Vitamins are exogenous to human (human body can not synthesize them itself) and therefore must be supplied with food (usually in the form of provitamins) or supplemented.

Exogenous substances

Exogenous substances (exogenous compounds) are chemical compounds not synthesized by the human body. They take part in the biochemical processes occurring in the body a substances delivered through gastrointestinal tract. Exogenous substances may be subject to changes into other important compounds in the course of these processes.

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