Do you know how to take good care of the heart, to enjoy good health and fitness for many years?

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Czy wiesz jak dbać o serce, aby cieszyć się dobrym zdrowiem i kondycją przez długie lata?
Do you know how to take good care of the heart, to enjoy good health and fitness for many years?

Look after your heart – you only have one! Do you know how to provide for the heart to enjoy good health and fitness? Unfortunately, cardiological diseases are still the most common cause of death in Poland. The reasons for these diseases are lack of exercise, stress, improper diet and stimulants. An important reason is also an inadequate diet that is largely responsible for our problems. The circulatory system and the heart can not function properly without magnesium and potassium. It turns out that about 60% of us experience deficiency of at least one of these elements. What should we focus on then? How to ensure the supply of the right amounts of these elements?

Do you want to take care of your heart? Love magnesium, make friends with potassium

Did you know that the level of magnesium in the body is related to the improvement of blood pressure? People who consume products containing high doses of magnesium are even 50% more resistant to the risk of death caused by cardiovascular diseases. Magnesium compounds are responsible for, among others, correct neuromuscular tone and prevent uneven and accelerated heart action, making the heart beat regularly and calmly. The consequence of the adequate amount of magnesium in the body is protection against hypertension and abnormal arterial contractions and the benefits are more numerous. Magnesium also affects the proper blood clotting and lowers the concentration of bad fats, thus reducing the risk of strokes, heart attacks or atherosclerosis. The correct level of magnesium in the human body also protects against the negative effects of stress such as chest pains.

Equaly important element for the heart, which has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system is potassium. It is said to be “the driving force of muscle cells” – of course also the heart – our most important muscle. The right amount of potassium ensures proper blood supply to the heart muscle, improves blood flow through coronary vessels and, like magnesium, normalizes blood pressure. Potassium has a huge impact on reducing the risk of heart attack and prevents ischemic heart disease. Potassium affects not only the heart, its beneficial properties protect the entire cardiovascular system. It is owing to potassium that the kidneys increase the excretion of sodium from the body, which in turn leads to proper regulation of the amount of water and, consequently, to protection against hypertension. Potassium itself is not treated as a cure for cardiovascular disease, but its deficiencies are very dangerous for the body. Appropriate levels of potassium in the body are necessary for the proper functioning of both the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.

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When it comes to minerals, that our body can not do without, calcium, iron and magnesium are most often mentioned. Undoubtedly, these elements are essential for us to enjoy health and well-being, but they are not the only ones that our body needs very much. The gray eminence among the minerals necessary for the proper functioning of our system is potassium.

Deficiencies of potassium and magnesium are very often manifested by nervousness and in extreme cases – even depression. They make us tire a lot faster and to make matters worse, make us feel rhythm disorders and palpitations. Another important symptom indicating the inappropriate amount of these elements in the body are muscle spasms, vibrations of the eyelids or swelling of the legs and hands. That’s why it’s so important to provide for the right amount of these minerals with food. Supplementation and even taking medicines fighting deficiencies is often necessary.

Magnesium and potassium deficiencies – how to deal with them?

Who is the most exposed to magnesium and potassium deficiencies? Stress sufferers have the biggest problem as well as those who use a limiting diet and even prevent the absorption of these elements from food. What should be avoided? The greatest enemies for potassium absorption are salt, fizzy drinks, coffee, alcohol, sweets and processed products. For example, drinking a small can of carbonated drink by a child completely blocks the absorption of magnesium for 24 hours.
A serious threat is also the use of restrictive weight loss, which also significantly reduces the amount of micronutrients absorbed by the body. A separate group constitute people who have problems with the absorption of these elements caused by an organic disorder or functional disorder. However, everyone else can find the right amount of magnesium and potassium in food – especially in fruit and vegetables.

The fact that we should use the benefits of nature to the greatest extent is no secret – explains expert Rabenhorst – a well-known manufacturer of natural organic juices, squeezed straight from vegetables and fruits. We are currently in peak season and the availability of natural products is vast, so let’s enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables. When the autumn-winter period deprives us of this benefit, it is a good solution to introduce food into the diet, which is enriched with appropriate elements or vitamins. These can be, for example, especially composed fruit juices produced to provide the valuable nutrients ​in an efficient and tasty way.

Do you want to take care of your heart? Choose consciously

In natural products such as green leaves, nuts or seeds, we find all the necessary elements and vitamins, including magnesium and potassium, a lot of which is found, for instance, in dried fruits. Unfortunately, in order for our body to absorb them, we must change bad habits, limit soda, coffee, alcohol and salt. Eating a kilogram of spinach or dried apricots or taking dietary supplements will bring little advantage, if other components of the diet block the absorption of beneficial substances from food. You want to take care of your heart – do it consciously and comprehensively. In practice, it may turn out that eliminating bad eating habits will bring very good results.

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Czy wiesz jak dbać o serce, aby cieszyć się dobrym zdrowiem i kondycją przez długie lata?