How To Promote Good Health At Turbulent Times?

How To Promote Good Health At Turbulent Times?

Considering the turn of global events in the last few days, it’s safe to say that we’re all overwhelmed. While moving right from a pandemic to war wasn’t something any of us would have thought of, 2022 is proving to be just as challenging as the last two years, if not more. The onus of our mental health and physical wellbeing lies only and only on us at all times; this is yet another reason why we’re called to take stock of our minds. When all else is beyond our control, here’s what you can do to avoid experiencing emotional and physical burnout.

  1. Write down troubling thoughts: There is so much to be said and is yet left unsaid because of the overwhelming amount of tension today. All of us are fighting through different issues, which can make opening up to one another more difficult. If you’re facing a similar feeling, take some time to write down all your thoughts on a piece of paper, no matter how mundane you think they are. This creates a positive space for you to unload the emotions that can compress your mind if left to ruminate. At the end of the day, you can either shred, bury, or burn these notes if you wish.
  2. Turn out the noise: ‘Is it me or is everything on overdrive right now?” If you relate to this, it may be highly possible that you’re reaching a sensory overload. Constant bombardment with adverse news and emergencies can send your body and hormones out of control, inducing adrenal fatigue. If you feel guilty for not being up to date with every negative news, set yourself free and cut down the noise. You can only absorb as much, and if it affects your mental health, it’s more destructive than helpful.
  3. Take supplements for anxiety: Consider trying to get your B12 levels checked. If you’re deficient, start your supplements, including zinc and vitamin D3. If you’re into alternative healthcare, try buying CBD supplements from an accredited site that has good compliance support like Parsl. Purchasing from legitimate and verified sites can help you gain high-quality CBD supplements that will promote the reduction of anxiety and improve brain function.
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  4. Cut down on social media consumption: We understand the urge to scroll has become a voluntary habit. However, it contributes more towards the senseless consumption of media. Given the state of events, all the channels displaying adverse media and news can subliminally impact your health. Create a time limitation for yourself to consume content that nourishes you or is simply uplifting.
  5. Take time to be present in your life: It will immensely help you if you start to become more mindful of your life and activities. This also creates a deep appreciation and gratitude towards the things we usually don’t think about twice. Mindfulness can require your mind to feel gratitude in every living moment rather than focusing on the negative.

Wrapping Up

In such circumstances, the general feeling of helplessness and frustration is understandable. Considering there is not much we can do apart from looking after ourselves, why not do a good job? We hope this blog helps bring some peace.

Author: Ella Brown

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