How To Take Care Of Your Bone And Why Every Woman Needs To Do So

How To Take Care Of Your Bone And Why Every Woman Needs To Do So

Bones play vital roles in the body; they protect organs, keep the body structured, and store calcium. Every day bones can be made strong if properly taken care of. Bones are evolving continuously; old bones break so that new ones are formed in their place. It is important to take proper care of your bone health as you age.

A high calcium diet improves bone density, helps in bone loss, and also reduces the risk of bones getting fractured. Physically active people have a lower risk of osteoporosis as compared to inactive ones. Let’s have a look at other such suggestions to keep your bones healthy.

How to manage your Bone health

Various dietary products are to be included in everyday meals to increase the calcium intake for the body. Supplements can also be introduced to the body after due consultation.

Vitamin D helps the bones to absorb calcium from time to time. Bone loss can be reduced by regular exercising which can include walking, cycling, jogging, and climbing stairs as well.

Maintaining a good weight can also work wonders for improving bone density.
Most people don’t realize the importance of taking care of the body from a younger age. But at any given point in life, health can be made better.

Eating right and never letting your body go hungry is an essential way of maintaining good bones. Having proper knowledge of the family history can go a long way. It helps in understanding any genetic disorders one can face.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a choice. One can always make an informed decision by not indulging in activities that could be harmful. Smoking and drinking are noted causes of ruptured bones and deformities in the human body. If you feel any discomfort, go to a doctor, they will probably run a few tests such as MRI or X-ray. Based on the test results they will suggest the best solution possible for you.

Be careful while walking. Falling often also adds to the risk of breaking bones. Having a well-balanced diet cannot be stressed enough to tremendously reduce the risk of contracting bone issues.

Women at a higher risk

As compared to men women have a low bone density. So, women should focus more on being productive throughout the day and keeping a healthy lifestyle.
It’s been noted that women who are thin or underweight are more prone to catching bone-related issues than any other gender. Consumption of Alcohol and being a regular smoker causes the bones of a woman to break more often.

Since women have smaller bones thus chances of contracting osteoporosis increase many folds. A smoker’s body is not able to store calcium in the body resulting in breakage. Hormone levels keep on fluctuating in a woman’s body. The dropping of estrogen levels during menopause also increases bone loss dramatically.

Women who maintain a good bone density from a young age, have lower chances of getting joint pains in their old age as compared to women who take their bone health for granted. Negligence can deteriorate any situation quickly.


People enlist various factors which lead to a downfall in their health. Bone structure is often ignored to be one of the reasons. Bones are the backbone of a healthy body. Walking is a basic requirement of the human body, which is directly related to the bones.

Maintaining bone density is not a greatly difficult task as it can be easily achieved. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are the keys to avoiding any major health-related issues, no matter the age. Taking bone health seriously can work wonders for the body and add more fruitful years to life.


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