Things to Consider If You’re Going Vegan

Things to Consider If You're Going Vegan

There is a notion that the only reason to turn vegan is to save the animals. Even though reducing your carbon footprint and saving animal lives by not consuming meat and its products is a perfectly valid and celebrated reason, it is not the only one.

You can go vegan because of specific meat-related allergies, like fish and shellfish, or genetic preconditions, like lactose intolerance. Avoid hormones and pesticides, which can be prevalent in meat-related dishes. Since plant-based diets have been known to help some people lose weight, turning vegan could be an excellent option for you.

There has also been considerable research on the relationship between plant-based diets and reduced heart disease. To add to this point, meat has been shown to be directly linked to conditions like gout. It is quite evident that going vegan can benefit not only you but the environment, the animals, and so much more.

However, turning vegan may not be the easiest thing. We are omnivores, after all, and genetically predisposed to consume both plants and animals. There are plenty of things vegan people wish they knew before making this fantastic yet difficult decision. Let us discuss them.

Veganism Vs. Vegetarianism

Before you decide to go vegan, you need to know there is a difference between vegetarianism and veganism. Veganism is more of a lifestyle than dietary intake, like in the case of vegetarianism.

Everything a vegan eats is plant-based, but not everything plant-based is vegan.

Veganism is not consuming any animal products, including meat, eggs, milk, and honey. It also includes products made through animal exploitation, such as clothes, makeup, and refined sugars that involve bone char.


There is still a lot of stigma around veganism that you may encounter in your journey. You will have to contend with what people say about you as a person and the lifestyle you have chosen. You may get snarky or condescending remarks when you eat out or order in a restaurant. This can be a scary and disarming experience, as many fear losing friends because of their lifestyle choice. When you go vegan, be ready to absorb negativity, embrace being different, and stand your ground.

Mindset goes beyond what others think but what you feel about yourself and your nutritional values. Such changes can lead to a knock on your confidence and social standing. But it is always important to remember why you turned vegan in the first place to keep going.

It is okay to be selfish with your dietary needs when health is concerned.

None Is Easier Than Some

Even though everyone is different, the evidence does suggest that going completely cold turkey on meat could help with your conviction. For example, some people are partly vegan, also called flexitarianism, or have cheat days. Such caveats could lead to you backsliding and consuming more meat products. You may choose to eat more meat on your cheat days or become 50% vegan due to your flexibility in your vegan cause. By fully embracing the concept, you are less likely to be swayed, leading to you standing firm on your convictions.

Vegan Junk Food Exists And Is Good

Vegan Junk Food Exists And Is Good

Vegan Junk Food Exists And Is Good. Photo by Lefteris kallergis on Unsplash

Junk food feeds the soul. It lifts our moods and is a great way to release stress. However, in most cases, junk food is unhealthy and can have multiple animal products in it. Vegan food has seen an incredible evolution. From simple snacks like fruit and nut bar combinations to plant-based meats, you can get your Dopamine rush, take care of your junk food cravings, and still stay faithful to veganism.

If you are looking for a natural sugar substitute that offers additional health benefits, buy miracle fruit. This West African berry is a taste-modifying fruit that tricks the mind into perceiving sour or tart food, fruit, and drinks as sweet without any added sugar or sweeteners.

Planning Is Everything

As mentioned, veganism can be a difficult journey. This concept has yet to be fully embraced and rejected by many. Most foods and restaurants slowly embrace veganism, but to stay true to your cause; it is important to plan for your diet restrictions.

Since you may not get vegan snack options readily available everywhere you go, you can buy them in bulk and carry them around for when hunger or cravings hit. By stocking and taking your favorite vegan snack with you, you can avoid buying something that does align with your values while on the move.

Learn if a restaurant offers vegan options prior to visiting it. If they don’t, make other plans. The good news is plenty of restaurants have vegan options today without compromising on quality and taste, so you should have plenty of options. Vegan food can be expensive if you only eat it out all the time. As you stock on snacks, buy vegan ingredients to cook at home.

To ensure no loose ends, find a vegan app or delivery service that offers vegan food. You never know when you may be feeling lazy and not feel like eating out or cooking.

Take Supplements

Perhaps one of the most important things people need to know about veganism is that you may be more susceptible to vitamin deficiencies. For example, Vitamin B12 is mainly derived from meat products, eggs, and milk. It helps with blood and nerve development, making it paramount for your overall health and importance. Plant-based diets with high concentrations of vitamin B12 are few and far apart, with nutritional yeast, a deactivated yeast, one of the only good sources of Vitamin B12.

Taking Vitamin B12 supplements is a great way to ensure that your mineral, vitamin, and nutritional balance aligns with your needs.

The good news is that you can still cater to major food groups like protein, heavily derived from meat products from plants such as legumes and seitan. These alternatives can also help with zinc and iron uptake, essential minerals for your overall health.

Final Thoughts: Plenty Of Vegan Alternatives

Even though turning vegan can be difficult, remember that you have various options. There are vegan cheeses, meat, milk, and even eggs. You can make your experience fun by experimenting and creating vegan recipes that cater to your taste and dietary needs.

As you embark on saving the planet, the animals, and yourself, it helps to be creative and have a little fun along the way.

Author: Aaron Smith

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