Wellness-Friendly Methods of Pain Relief

Wellness-Friendly Methods of Pain Relief

Chronic pain can be debilitating and many people find it hard to get relief with over-the-counter medications and even some prescriptions. For those interested, there are some wellness-friendly alternative methods of pain relief that could help. Everyone is different; some products will affect you differently than they will others, so do your research, experiment safely, and share your findings to help others along, too.


CBD stands for cannabidiol and it is the active ingredient in medical marijuana. It comes from the hemp plant and is not the chemical that causes the “high” that is associated with recreational marijuana usage. CBD is an ingredient in increasingly more supplements because studies show that it may help reduce many types of pain.

Pain caused by arthritis and other conditions could be treated with medical marijuana. CBD works by binding with CB2 receptors which could help reduce inflammation. The body could then get rid of inflammatory toxins more easily and joints could regain their elasticity.

How Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Acts As a Boon for Your Body?

Medical marijuana is used by many to address all types of arthritis including osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies show that CBD can help to reduce joint damage by 70% in chronic arthritis. It can regenerate stem cells and direct them to the affected part of the body to rebuild joint tissues.

In addition to treating pain, CBD may also help reduce seizures, boost moods, and reduce fatigue and depression. It is considered a dietary supplement and as a result, is not approved by the FDA, but CBD is a safe alternative to stronger pain medications and may even be more effective – more research is needed.

The legality of marijuana, CBD, and THC vary by state, and if it is legal, the rules for use vary as well. For example, The Arkansas medical marijuana act has qualifying conditions that patients must meet before they can obtain marijuana for medical use. Other states have similar requirements.


Terpenes are the chemical compounds that give most plants their smells. They are abundant in cannabis as well as many other plants, fruits, herbs, etc. Research is underway on many types of terpenes, like limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene and preliminary results show they may have anti-anxiety benefits.

Increasingly, users are looking to terpenes to address anxiety. Anxiety is very common and is difficult to treat because it affects everyone differently. Many patients do not see the results they need when using traditional treatment methods, and some wish to avoid using the strong chemicals associated with pharmaceutical drugs. Some users of terpenes report relief from anxiety and depression, though more research is needed with terpenes as well.

Detoxing The Body

Before trying any new supplement or making a lifestyle change, it may be helpful to you to detox your body. This will help remove any toxins and free radicals that may be causing you stress, pain, anxiety, or even weight gain. There are many natural products on the market that claim to remove parasites and bacteria from the body, just do your research to find one that may help you.

For some, detoxing the body does not need to include any supplements at all. Cutting out excess sugar, salt, and processed foods for an extended period of time provides many with the “detoxing” effect they seek. Improve your diet and getting regular exercise can go a long way toward improving your overall health and reducing pain, especially that associated with the digestive system.

Trying Eco-Supplements

The body needs some specific vitamins and minerals to function optimally, like vitamin C and Iron. In most cases, people get the nutrients they need from food, but imperfections in the average person’s diet can lead to deficiencies, and supplements can be a great way to help make up for this.

Talk to your doctor about your micronutrients levels. They will be able to help paint a better picture of what you need. A simple blood test can show which essential nutrients you are lacking, and your doctor may even be able to recommend specific adjustments to your diet or lifestyle, which could improve your mood, energy levels, and in turn, your wellness.

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