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Check out reviews on Impreskin. We present a reliable assessment of the pills against wrinkles and for skin complexion improvement.

Our opinion (rating) on Impreskin tablets

Impreskin- natural rejuvenating facelift

Impreskin- natural rejuvenating facelift

There are many more and less efficiet collagen products available on the market. They differ both in terms of price and content of additives, and consequently also their effectiveness.

Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more aware, more knowledgeable, and even on the basis of the composition of the formulation they can estimate its predicted effectiveness. However, the quality of the substances themselves, ie collagen and vitamins, remains crucial.

What is the composition of the Impreskin anti-wrinkle tablets?

The basic active ingredient is the hydrolysed form of collagen.

Why hydrolyzed collagen?

The preparations of the most valuable cosmetic properties contain collagen in the form of hydrolyzate, which stimulates the renewal of the epidermis thus delaying or even reversing the signs of the skin aging.

How does hydrolyzed collagen work?

The secret of high efficiency of this component is its in-depth operation. The molecules penetrate deep into the epidermis, where they bind water so that the skin becomes moisturized and elastic, wrinkles are smoothed, and the oval of the face corrected.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is called “the vitamin of the youth”[1], due to its unique functions in delaying the skin aging process. Vitamin E, along with vitamins A and C, is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from oxidative stress and cell damage caused by free radicals. It participates in supplying nutrients to cells. It strengthens the blood vessel walls and protects the red blood cells from premature decay.

Vitamin C

In the context of smoothing wrinkles and improving skin quality, vitamin C is primarily antioxidant, as it participates in neutralizing reactive oxygen and nitrogen forms. This prevents damage to cells and protects their macromolecules from oxidative damage. It also participates in DNA repair as well as removes free radicals to protect the body from cancer.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K regulates the production of prothrombin, affects blood coagulation, plays an important role in the regulation of calcium level in the body. Deficiency of this substance causes poor blood clotting, the ease of internal and external bleeding, wound healing problems, bone mineralization difficulties[2].


Flavonoids have many beneficial pro-health properties for our body. However, in view of the purpose of Impreskin, the following are the two most important.

First of all, flavonoids seal the blood vessels by inhibiting proteolytic enzymes (elastase, hyaluronidase) thus leading to the strengthening of connective tissue in the vascular endothelium, increasing their elasticity and sealing the walls; Such action is the cause of the observed anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effect.

Flavonoids also have an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the cascade of arachidonic acid metabolism leading to the formation of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. The anti-inflammatory effect is also observed due to inhibition by flavonoid the synthesis of histamine[3].

Consumer survey

The science itself is not everything. We are interested in practice. That is why we conducted a consumer test in which we asked 327 women to use Impreskin for 90 days. As many as 94.7% of them noticed a significant improvement of the skin condition. The results are shown in the chart below:

The effects of using Impreskin

The effects of using Impreskin


The combination of hydrolysed collagen, vitamins and flavonoids in the form of a natural dietary supplement proves to be very beneficial. Positive characteristics are strengthened, substances interact with each other and facilitate their assimilation by the body. Due to the fact that Impreskin is based only on natural ingredients, their quality is much higher than chemical counterparts. As we all know well, natural substances (from herbs, fruits, vegetables, animals) are much easier to digest and healthier than the corresponding pure, isolated chemicals. They contain natural catalysts and excipients that are equivalent to the food you consume for your body. The dietary supplement Impreskin is natural for the body. It cures but is not a drug, it is not invasive, it is digestible, it does no damage the liver, kidneys and other organs as the chemical drugs do.

References of clients who use Impreskin

Below we present several e-mails from the satisfied customers who use Impreskin anti- wrinkle preparation.

Opinion 1

For me a dietary supplement must first of all be EFFECTIVE. Moisturized, shiny, soft and at the same time firm to the touch skin are just some adjectives that I do not hesitate to use when describing Impreskin. What is important it is also safe for health (contains only natural ingredients) and does not cause allergic reactions. Best! Ursula

Opinion 2

I warmly welcome all ladies struggling with wrinkles. Long I was wondering if there is any safe and, of course, effective, means to get rid of wrinkles and at least gradually withstand the aging process of the skin. I asked my friends, piles of newspapers and various brochures passed through my hands until I finally hit the Impreskin. I decided to take a chance … and I absolutely do not regret my decision !!! My skin looks younger, wrinkles are receding, the first effects I noticed after 4 weeks. I warmly greet Krysia.

Opinion 3

Hello, I am 35 years old. For a long time I was looking for an effective non-invasive reducing agent for the first visible wrinkles on my face. (plastic surgery was out of the question, a scalpel made me feel sick) My friend recommended Impreskin and I used her advice. After about 2 weeks my skin began to become firmer, the bags under the eyes disappeared, it started to emanate its previous youthful glow I had a go and continue to use the diet supplement Impreskin. I strongly recommend it and warmly greet. Maria.

Opinion 4

What prompted me to buy Impreskin is primarily A relatively increased dose of collagen compared to other supplements of this kind. What is collagen and how it works for anyone, I do not think I need to explain. The most important thing is that I am satisfied indeed, and I would recommend it to anyone.

The high quality confirmed by the ratings of satisfied customers contributed to placing the anti-wrinkle formulation – Impreskin high in the ranking of anti-wrinkle prepartions prepared by specialists, clients and our portal.

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