6 Things to Remember Before Pre-Workout

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6 rzeczy, o których warto pamiętać przed treningiem
6 Things to Remember Before Pre-Workout

There are many benefits of exercise to humans. Adequate training can improve your fitness, slow down aging, make you look young, and keep you agile. It can decrease the risk of developing health issues like heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and some cancer forms by up to 50%.

Woman doing yoga

Woman doing yoga. Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

It is a good stress-buster that improves mood and can make you happy in general. The effectiveness of your exercise, however, is a factor of many things. Besides, it is not what you do during the exercise period that matters.

The pre-workout habit can go a long way to ensure that you maximize the workout section. This means that you can reduce the chances of injury and improve your overall performance with the right preparation. Here are six things to keep in mind before working out to make the most out of your workout sessions.

1. Eat for Fuel

There is no specific time set for you to consume your pre-workout snack or meal as it is a digestive system factor. However, time your pre-workout meal to an hour or two before your workout. It will supply you with the needed fuel to power you through the workout period. Eating too close to your workout period might upset your stomach or make you too heavy to perform well. This makes it pretty essential to listen to your body.

Besides, it is crucial to have enough carbs and protein for the meal. Consider fruits such as oranges, apples, and bananas as they are complex carbs that can sustain you for the workout period.

2. Consider Supplements

If you want to get the best from your workout sessions, consider the use of supplements. Some studies have attested to the safety and effectiveness of pre-workout supplements. They go a long way to increase your energy level and support your fitness goal. Many supplements like syn pharma products, for instance, contain caffeine. This is the primary ingredient that brings about all the essential benefits one gets from using supplements.

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However, users should not expect supplements to be a magic pill that will magnify the exercise benefits. Without a doubt, it will reduce fatigue and boost concentration during the workout. However, they do not alter the body composition or supply a surge of energy to power you through the training. Besides, one needs to consult a physician before concluding on any supplement’s choice before the workout.

Pre-Workout Supplements

Pre-Workout Supplements. Photo by ready made from Pexels

3. Drink enough water

Your level of hydration has a direct effect on your workout performance. This explains why the performance level will suffer if you are dehydrated, no matter how little. Sadly, your performance is not the only thing that takes a hit. You can experience dizziness, headaches, cramps if dehydration persists while working out.

Interestingly, you might not feel thirsty if you are dehydrated while working out. According to a study, most athletes’ dehydration level gets to about 2% before the feeling of thirst sets in. By then, the performance level already took a hit. This makes it essential to drink enough water, although excessive water intake can work against you. One might experience overhydration or stomach ache.

4. Good Sleep is not Negotiable

The reason why many people consider exercise differs. However, without adequate sleep, one might not get the benefits of exercise, especially weight loss. In other words, the magic and benefits you get from the workout will not happen on the field or the gym. You maximize the benefit by getting adequate sleep. When you rest well, you get enough energy to strengthen up through the workout process. It is also essential to reduce hunger pangs, which might undermine your effort, especially when you overeat due to excessive hunger.

Prioritize eight hours of sleep, and in worse cases, get at least 6.5 hours every day. Try and set the right atmosphere to enable a night of deep and restful sleep. Take a long bath, eat light, reduce noise and influx of light, and do away with electronics a few hours to bed.

5. Perform active Warm-up

Most fitness classes do recommend stretching as a pre-workout routine. The problem with stretching, however, is that it can reduce performance and stability while exercising. According to a 2013 study, there was 22% less stability for static stretchers when having a leg workout, and the weight they could lift reduced by 8%.
Your aim should be a good warm-up that will prepare you for the moves ahead. A warm-up should get your blood flowing and loosen your muscles. It can also help prevent abnormalities with the heart. Experts recommend cardio exercise like fast walking, jogging, slow cycling, etc., as a pre-workout exercise. This can safely raise your heartbeat and prepare you for the proper training.

6. Take Care of Muscle Tightness

Your workout’s effectiveness might be affected negatively due to tight muscle, making you have an unpleasant time during the exercise. Since the muscles are not cooperating, giving up might even seem like an easy way out.

Foam rolling is a useful tip that can aid muscle and joint mobility. It can help release knots that form on the fascia – a thin tissue sheet surrounding the muscle and other body organs.

Take Care of Muscle Tightness

Take Care of Muscle Tightness. Photo by Li Sun from Pexels


Your success at the gym is a factor of many things. However, the pre-workout habit and activities can have a considerable impact. These six effective workout habits can go a long way in setting you up for success as you prepare to workout.

Author: Liz Glen

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