Common coffee tastes

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Common coffee tastes

Coffee, for many of us is an integral part of breakfast, or an obligatory supplement to the sweet dessert. Coffee intake is influenced by various factors, such as, the time of the day or even our mood. Drinking coffee is also associated with certain habits and preferences. Tea Time brand decided to check what drives people while selecting coffee and in what circumstances they consume it.

Ground coffee, grainy or soluble?

What kind of coffeee do you drink most often?

What kind of coffeee do you drink most often?

Only a few years ago, the choice of favorite coffee was limited. Today’s store shelves offer a variety of assortments including: instant coffee, ground coffee, coffee beans, and many more. The multitude of products available on the market makes the purchase a real challenge. Which sorts of coffee are the most popular among the consumers? According to research conducted in the “Time for Tea” stores, ground coffee is chosen by the majority of respondents (44%). The following places are taken by grain coffee and instant coffee (30% and 26% respectively). The sentiments of the research subjects on taste coffee were also diverse. Almost 50% of the respondents stated that they consumed this type of coffee. The other half answered negatively to this question.our final choice is mainly conditioned by our individual taste preferences – 58% of respondents answered this this way. The rest claimed to be guided by the price – 25% and the brand – 17%.

Coffee for slimming

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The way of serving coffee is significant

What kind of vessel do you drink from?

What kind of vessel do you drink from?

Drinking and preparing coffee is a common individualistic practice for many. It often involves certain habits, such as tasting directly from a favorite vessel. According to surveys, most respondents choose a mug (44%). Slightly less popular is a cup (38%), a glass (14%), and a thermal mug (4%). The results of the survey also indicate the importance of coffee additives.

What kind of coffee additives?

What additives do you take to your coffee?

What additives do you take to your coffee?

As we know we drink sweet or bitter coffee, either with milk or black. The most common is the version with milk, which is consumed by 37% of the respondents, 18% are small black lovers, while 16% add white sugar to their coffee. In addition, fewer respondents indicated sweetening agents such as brown sugar, honey, sweetener or flavored syrups.

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How does coffee influence the consumers ?

For many of us drinking a cup of favorite coffee brings different benefits. It turns out that:

  • for 3% of the respondents coffee helps to overcome headache,
  • 10% reaches for it to increase the pressure,
  • 12% consume it to stimulate during the day,
  • 19% of the respondents admit to indulge in it out of habit ?
  • 24% claim it’s a morning energy boost,
  • 32% drink coffee for its unique taste.

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