3 Ways to Ensure Your Coffee Is As Healthy As Can Be

3 Ways to Ensure Your Coffee Is As Healthy As Can Be

Coffee is clearly the hot drink of choice for countless individuals considering that more than 2.25 billion cups are consumed globally every single day. Apart from being one of the most delicious drinks in the world, many health professionals are also of the belief that coffee can benefit your overall health and well-being in numerous ways. For many individuals, coffee is the largest source of dietary antioxidants while also being conducive to cardiac health and weight loss. Sadly, the calories contained in a cup of coffee can add up very quickly once you start adding creamers, sugar, and other flavorings to it. Fortunately, a few basic guidelines will enable you to make healthy choices that will enable you to enjoy your coffee entirely guilt-free.

Choose a quality brew

Good quality coffee not only tastes better but is healthier as well. Organic coffee beans that are free of pesticides are always a good choice as you do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals entering your body. Although many individuals do enjoy the taste of instant coffee, it is hardly a healthy choice as it often contains hidden ingredients such as chicory and glucose. You can typically pick up good-quality coffee beans from your local roaster and even some coffee shops while there are also a number of reputable online coffee distributors you can order coffee beans from. If you enjoy discovering brews of interesting origin consider signing up for a subscription box service that will see a variety of coffee beans and other nifty coffee-related items delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis.

Drink your coffee black

The easiest way to ensure that your coffee is as healthy as possible is to drink it freshly-brewed and without any additives. Drinking your coffee black does not only eliminate exposure to the dubious ingredients contained in flavorings and creamers but also allows you to truly enjoy the full flavor profile of your cup of java. If you want to lose weight, black coffee is ideal as studies show that it can boost your metabolic rate by as much as 11%. Black coffee can also reduce your risk of contracting diabetes by 7% while giving your mental health a boost at the same time.

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Ditch the artificial sweeteners and creamers

Even if you can’t bring yourself to drink black, unsweetened coffee you can still make healthy choices to ensure it is as beneficial to your health as possible. Avoid adding sugar and syrups to your coffee, and opt for healthier natural sweeteners such as Stevia and Xylitol. Artificial creamers should also be avoided as they are typically packed with sugar and other dubious ingredients. Instead of adding these creamers to your coffee, seek out more natural alternatives such as coconut milk, whole milk, or even a small amount of fresh cream. If you want to give your metabolism a powerful boost you can whip up a creamy bulletproof coffee by adding a tablespoon of unsalted, grass-fed butter, 2 teaspoons of MCT or coconut oil, and, if required, a teaspoon of natural sweetener, to a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. Blend all the ingredients together for a minute or two and enjoy while still warm.

There are few things in life that give as much pleasure as indulging in a cup of freshly-brewed coffee. By ensuring that every cup of coffee you drink is as healthy as possible you continue to enjoy your favorite drink without absolutely any guilt.

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