Role of L-Carnitine in Human Health

Role of L-Carnitine in Human Health

L-Carnitine has belonged to the community of amino acids that play a significant role in maintaining the metabolism and healing of all our body functions. Also, help in the conversion of fat into energy. If you want to know more about L-Carnitine and its functions then read this complete article.

What is L-Carnitine?

L-Carnitine is the type of Carnitine that is a fully packed amino acid and boosts our body’s metabolism level. The main benefit of L-Carnitine is the way of breaking fat from the body and convert it into energy cells. A lot of L-Carnitine is store in the muscles area.
L-Carnitine can produce in our body by using amino acids but you can also use supplements of L-Carnitine to cover up the deficiency.

Benefits of L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine produces a lot of positive benefits on the human body and protects from various diseases. L-Carnitine can spread energy cells by breaking fat from the body and remove waste materials from the body that can cause by the various disease. These diseases include;


Deficiency of L-Carnitine can be the cause of Cancer diseases. In some studies, it is concluded that Cancer patients after going from a process of chemotherapy often face the lack of L-Carnitine in the body. To cover up the weakness and reducing symptoms of cancer, it is recommended to take a dose of L-Carnitine in your meal.

Cardiovascular disease

L-Carnitine can be beneficial for those who are suffering from cardiovascular disease. It is recommended to include one part of amino acid or L-Carnitine supplements in your meal to cure your disease fast.

Heart Problems

Almost 70% of people in our society are suffering from heart diseases. The supplements of L-Carnitine can help in reducing the rate of minor heart attack and control the flow of blood on veins and arteries.
Also, reduce the symptoms of heart failure and blockage of blood.

Weight loss

As we already discussed, L-Carnitine burns fat for energy and automatically helps those who want to lose weight. Remember this cannot be for proper weight loss. If you want to lose weight then go and adopt a healthy diet with proper exercise.

Liver Disease

The liver is the main organ in our body that helps in creating L-Carnitine spontaneously. If your liver is damaged then you can face the deficiency of L-Carnitine in your body. L-Carnitine supplements protect your liver from deficiency.

Type 2 diabetes

In some early researches, it is proved that L-Carnitine is beneficial in both 1 and 2 type diabetes. It improves the nerve pain and the level of diabetes in your body. 3 grams/orally supplements are recommended in the cure of type 2 diabetes.

Side Effects of L-Carnitine

Excess of everything is bad. Similarly, L-Carnitine may have some digestive bad effects such as:

  • Stomach disorder,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Atherosclerosis.

Source to get L-Carnitine

Different naturally found products like milk, meat, and fish are a great source of L-Carnitine. If your need is not fulfilled by these products then move onward and start using L-Carnitine supplements at least once a day or according to your doctor’s prescription.

Author: Nancy R. Fernandez

Nancy is a cannabis and health industry consultant who frequently writes about the latest trends in the industry. She has been writing on CBD for a long time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help maintain better health and lifestyle. She has written many informative blogs on other verticals too.

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