Sliminazer (RevitaPharm) – How do these slimming patches work?

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Sliminazer ( RevitaPharm ) - How do these slimming patches work?

What makes Sliminazer® stand out? Commonly available and popular slimming formulations usually provide a dose of active substances in the form of capsules or liquids. Their operation is unfortunately limited in time to the period immediately after we deliver them to the body. They are quickly digested, work only for a limited time and are then excreted from the body. It is different in case of four-layered Sliminazer®. Beneficial substances are released gradually and in stages, owing to which the slimming process lasts 24 / day without interruption!

Does Sliminazer® have a unique composition?

Sliminazer ® Slimming Patches (RevitaPharm) contain substances well-known for their slimming properties. The difference is that they are delivered 24/7. Slimming goes on non-stop both day and night !

That’s why you can shed even
7kg in 4 weeks!

The producer is sure of the effects and provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If for any reason you will not be satisfied with the results – you will receive a refund!

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The innovative product formula makes it stand out significantly among other formulations of this type. The patches consist of 4 layers, which adequately dose the supply of ingredients to the body.

4 active layers

4 active layers

The 1st layer releases hydroxycitric acid molecules, forcing the body to burn fat and glucose.
The 2nd layer provides inhibitors that slow down the absorption of sugar and suppress hunger.
The 3rd layer releases antioxidants that purify the blood from cholesterol and toxins.
The 4th layer stimulates the thyroid secretion of hormones that control metabolism, three times accelerating fat metabolism.

Detailed composition of slimming patches:

Ingredient of the patch A description of the action
impact on the body
Ingredients that work during the day

Extract of Guarana fruit increases the physical and mental fitness of your body and increases your ability to concentrate. Owing to this, during the day you feel better, you have more energy and get tired slower and you can deal with everyday struggles more easily. Guaranine has caffeine-like properties, which limits appetite and increases the amount of fat burned.


Thanks to the capsaicin contained in Cayenne pepper, Sliminazer increases the blood supply throughout the gastrointestinal tract, accelerating the metabolism and suppressing appetite. In addition, capsaicin raises the temperature of the human body, which causes the body to consume more calories, which makes it easier to lose weight.

Hydroxycitric acid (HCA)

The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) contained in Garcinia cambogia suppresses appetite, accelerates fat burning and lowers cholesterol at the cellular level. The use of hydroxycitric acid HCA is contraindicated in patients suffering from colitis.

Ingredients operating at night
Green tea
Zielona herbata

Facilitates falling asleep due to which it limits the secretion of Grelin (the hormone secreted in the stomach responsible for the soar of appetite ). The use of green tea extract results in accelerated fat burning during sleep and prevents the development of obesity. Studies have shown that green tea reduces the amount of bad cholesterol and significantly helps to increase fat oxidation.

Acai berry

Acai berries, thanks to a large amount of fiber, accelerate the metabolism and digestion process. They provide a long-lasting feeling of satiety, preventing the feeling of hunger at night. Acai berries contain cyanidins that block the growth of fat cells. Thanks to the very high content of tyrosine, they are a natural fat burner. Antioxidants contained in berries perfectly cleanse the body of unnecessary toxins, and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol.


L-carnitine, indispensable and irreplaceable for our body, especially with a lot of effort invested, e.g. during sports. The substance is extremely helpful in the process of burning unwanted fat. It improves and accelerates the processes of lipid metabolism in the body. L-carnitine exerts a complex physiological and therapeutic effect. The human body itself synthesizes a small amount of carnitine (about 25%). In the process of own synthesis the body uses amino acids: lysine and methionine, B vitamins, vitamin C, folic acid and iron. The deficiency of even one of the abovementioned substrates decreases the production of L-carnitine in the body.

Although many well-known dietary supplements for slimming contain similar ingredients, their effectiveness may be limited due to the need of „getting through” the gastrointestinal tract. In case of the patches, all active substances are easily absorbed through the skin and work much more effectively. Slow metabolism prevents effective weight loss, therefore Sliminazer patches accelerate the digestive processes taking place in the body. Every food consumed is immediately burned and converted into energy necessary for the functioning of all systems. As the metabolic rate increases, the calories delivered while eating are consumed faster, preventing the fat from accumulating again.

Is Sliminazer Patches a breakthrough in the fight against overweight? (review)

Considering the way in which the patches provide slimming substances to the body and high effectiveness of action, it can certainly be stated that this preparation is a milestone in overcoming obesity among people. You can of course discuss whether the measures applied are better or worse seleted, however it is difficult to deny that this form of administration is extremely innovative and most importantly convenient and effective! The active ingredients are gradually released over the course of 12 hours, thanks to which the body begins to quickly utilize fat deposits. Strong impact on the hypothalamus (responsible for the feeling of fullness), reduces the desire to snack and inhibits hunger, making weight control much easier. This is not only our opinion – on the producer’s forum and in social media, this is confirmed by those satisfied with this modern method.

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Is this method of weight loss safe?

The substances contained in the patches are well known and have been used for a long time. There are many scientific studies confirming the beneficial properties of substances contained in them and ensuring the guarantee of safe use. The formula of their administration through the skin is as safe as through the digestive tract and the difference is definitely better absorption by the body. You are certainly familar with hormone patches (used for contraception) and you alreday know that they are very comfortable to use. The method of administration does not change the effect of the active substance. However, to a great extent it facilitates the supply of the active substance in due time, so as to maintain its constant level. An additional advantage is that one can avoid consuming often large and uncomfortable capsules and our liver is definitely less loaded.

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Why Sliminazer can only be bought on the producer’s website?

Distribution costs and pharmacy margins are very large. The producer’s intention is to make the product available also to people who are not very well off. Another reason is the fact that counterfeiting today is widespread. If a product succeeds, then its counterparts appear, in many cases of dubious quality, unfortunately. Other suppliers also create similar brands to mislead customers. The only effective way to protect yourself from cheaters is the sale directly by the producer via the website. If you spot this preparation on an Allegro-type online auction or on another website, you can be sure that it will be a fake. To buy the original slimming patch, buy only on the manufacturer’s website. In addition, you have guarantee that you will obtain the product at the best possible price. It is currently available in such countries as: Spain, Deutschland, Italy, France, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Rumania.

Who is the producer?

RevitaPharm provides the highest quality products to people who want to take care of their health and well-being. It uses proven natural ingredients for this, combining them with the latest technological solutions. RevitaPharm realizes its shipments all over the world. The main goal of the company is customer satisfaction and providing it with natural and effective products.

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