6 Tips to Improve the Germination of Cannabis Seeds

6 Tips to Improve the Germination of Cannabis Seeds

Many factors affect the germination success of cannabis seed. It is not enough to purchase good quality seed and plant. You need to assist the plant by providing the right condition suitable for germination. Besides, to get the best yield, you shouldn’t just sow the seed and allow Mother Nature to perform its magic.
There are professional tips that you can follow to improve the rate of germination of your cannabis seed. As long as you get a high-quality seed, your efforts in ensuring optimum germination will play out well. It is not all available cannabis that you should buy. This is because the quality of the cannabis seed also affects the probability of germination.

In buying a cannabis seed, opt for dense seeds with tiger-stripes aesthetics. Such seeds will have a big size as well. With a high-quality seed like this, your efforts to germinate them will not be in vain.

1. Check the Seed’s Viability

The entire effort you invest in germinating your cannabis seed is hinged on its quality. In other words, if the seed is wrong, it might not grow no matter what you do. As a result, you should make sure you only buy high-quality seeds with a high tendency to germinate. There are some ways to know a good seed that will grow.
A few ways to know a high quality seed are:

  • Rub the seed with your thumb. A good seed will neither break nor bend.
  • If the seeds are white and green, they are young and not mature hence germination success is pretty low.
  • Good quality seeds do have a big size.

You can also perform a couple of tests on the seed. A few of these are:

  • Put the seeds in a jar of water. A high-quality seed will sink.
  • Shine any source of light on the seed directly. A high-quality seed will give out glossy and creamy reflection.

These are qualities you should look for in weed online before buying. The above can help ensure you are getting a good quality seed that will not frustrate your effort.

2. Plant Your Seeds properly

Plant Your Seeds properly

Plant Your Seeds properly

Before you plant your seed, try and inspect it well. Good seed should be oval with one end sharp while the other end indent. The indented part is called the crown. For proper germination, the crown must be upward.

It is from the crown that your cotyledons will shoot. It is obvious why the wrong orientation could limit the probability of germination. Even if it germinates, the roots could die, which results in the death of the seed.

With the tips downward, the crown will make way for the taproot when it germinates.

3. Don’t Wait Too Long for your Seeds to germinate

Many people could think that they need to wait for the cotyledons before transplanting. I’m afraid that’s not right as the essential part of your plant during this stage is the root, not the cotyledon. Also, the root is pretty delicate as excessive exposure to air and light could cause irreparable damage.
With this, you need to be smart in germinating your seed. When the taproot gets to 2cm of growth as a rule of thumb, you can transplant it. Leaving it to grow more than this will end up complicating the process for you.

4. Be Smart with Light

The same way you cannot bombard your cannabis seed with too much water, you need to be smart with the light. Even though the light is inevitable in their growth process, excessive light can wreak havoc during the first week of developments.

At the early stage, we recommend CFL grow lights or fluorescent lights only. This light is better placed 15 cm away from the seeds. After the seed sprouts with a proper set of leaves, you can move the light closer. However, do not move it so close as to supply excessive heat to the plant, which might end up killing the seed.

As the seedlings develop further, you should also change the light for optimum results. For instance, you should use or MH-style grow lights after some weeks.

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5. Optimum Temperature and Humidity

Seeds need the right combination of heat and humidity to germinate. This, however, is a factor of the season of the year, the weather, the overall moisture, and your growing environment.

For people that have the means, an artificial heat source can make things extremely easy. For people in large scale cultivation, a heated greenhouse is a good investment. To supply the right humidity that will assure you of germination, you might consider a humidifier.

In cultivating your cannabis seed, strive to have 70% humidity and an average temperature of 25°C (+/- 2°C). If these values are different, the germination process will be affected, and the chance of success will be low.

6. Plant at the Right Depth

Plant at the Right Depth

Plant at the Right Depth

This is one of the most critical factors that affect the germination success of your cannabis seed. Sadly, this is where many people get it wrong, as well. Planting the seed too deep is incorrect as the chances of development are pretty low.

Burying the seed shallow will not give you what you want as well. Even though a cannabis seed planted too close to the surface might germinate, it will affect the root. The result is a weak plant with stunted growth.

As a rule of thumb, sew the seed at approximately 2cm. This is an optimum depth that will ensure that the roots get a good depth and stability.


The cannabis plant is different from many other plants out there. As a result, the germination process needs optimum care. It would be best if you got many things right with the process to ensure overall success.

If you get it right with the process, germination should not take time. Also, you will have a good and healthy cannabis plant with impressive yields. As long as you can invest in getting many of the factors we discussed above right, your cannabis seed will grow. Not only will it grow, but you are also assured of impressive yields with every harvest.

These six tips will go a long way in improving the germination rate of your cannabis seed.

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