Acai berries – a fruit phenomenon or an exaggerated myth?

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Acai-Beeren – ein Fruchtphänomen oder ein übertriebener Mythos?Jagody Acai - owocowy fenomen czy przesadzony mit?
Acai berries – a fruit phenomenon or an exaggerated myth?

Brazilian palm fruit, euterpe oleracea or simply acai berries are an ingredient in dietary supplements that have recently gained immense popularity. They are referred to as a superfood, i.e. a product containing the largest amounts of ingredients with a positive effect on health and condition of the body. And how is it in reality? Are acai berries another product of advertising campaigns or maybe a miracle cure for modern civilization diseases?

Health from the Amazon River

Acai Berry, Euterpe oleracea fruit

Acai Berry, Euterpe oleracea fruit)

Acai berries grow in the tropical forests of the South America and for centuries they have been the food of peoples living in the Amazon basin. The fruits are harvested from tall, sometimes as high as twenty meters palm trees, with spreading stems. The berries themselves are very delicate, so for exporting purposes they are dried or processed into juices. Acai look like whortleberries, but they contain a large stone inside – not suitable for consumption, and their taste comprises slightly chocolate notes.

The vitamin bomb

Scientific research on acai berries was initiated by Dr. Alexander Schauss, who is also considered to be a propagator of their health-promoting properties. It has been proven that these small pomegranate fruits have huge doses of vitamins A, E, C, B, as well as compounds such as phosphorus, calcium, protein or potassium. In addition, in their composition you can find a high concentration of antioxidants, the level of which, compared to cranberries, is more than 10 times higher, and for red grapes – 20 – times higher. In acai berries, antioxidants are found in the form of flavonoids and polyphenols, giving the fruit a dark purple colour, which like a dense brush sweeps free radicals from the body. Antioxidants play an important role in the fight against free radicals, which are harmful to health, causing, among others the development of cancer, premature ageing of the body, increased susceptibility to infections and the increase of cholesterol levels in the blood.

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Health for everyone

Acai fruits are also a rich source of omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 unsaturated fatty acids, which can only be supplied to the system with food, because the human body is not able to produce them on its own. These compounds help to reduce the level of bad cholesterol, regulate the hormonal balance and, above all, prevent the occurrence of heart attacks and cancer. Unsaturated fatty acids also improve memory and concentration, so they are especially recommended for people learning and working mentally. On the other hand, the lipid content helps to increase vital energy, supports muscle regeneration after exercise and increases endurance , which will be aprreciated by athletes and active people.

Acai berries and slimming

There are often opinions that acai berries are a recipe for a slender figure and by reducing body fat allow you to quickly get rid of unnecessary kilograms. However, including acai fruit into a diet will not cause the kilograms to begin to disappear on their own.

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As with any supplement, the most important thing is the right diet and physical activity. Berries, owing to their high fibre content, can help in the fight against obesity. However, it is a myth that acai berries contain a large amount of calcium and protein. So far, no studies have confirmed these theses.

Be wary of claims that all products containing acai are natural. Some of them contain artificial additives, preservatives and dyeing additives, and often the fruit content itself is not high – says , General Manager of Rabenhorst – a well-known producer of natural organic juices, squeezed straight from the fruit. The main thing is a certain origin of the product, the quality of the fruits themselves and the method of production of the juice itself, so before buying it is worth reading the label carefully and getting acquainted with the composition of the product in question. Remember that acai berries are not available in the form of fresh fruit, so one of the purest and most natural forms in which we can take acai fruits is juice – pure or, for example, in the form of a smoothie, with the addition of other fruits – bananas, grapes or apples, which additionally affect its nutritional value – adds Katarzyna Barwińska from Rabenhorst

The development of science causes that every now and then we learn about previously unknown plants and their beneficial effects on health. It is worth using this knowledge and remembering that the basis of a healthy lifestyle, apart from physical activity, is a proper, well-balanced diet.

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