An Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Smoking Device – Glass Bong

An Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Smoking Device - Glass Bong

A bong is a cannabis accessory – a filtration device that helps in smoking various herbal extracts. These are tried and tested methods of consuming cannabis and are greatly popular among regular cannabis enthusiasts.

What’s even better is that the smoke passes through water, which is cooled down and filtered in the best manner. And, this factor alone makes bong safe to consume and an ideal choice.

Now that you’re a beginner and want to kickstart your smoking journey, you’re sure to be in a state of confusion. If finding a solution is on your mind, then reading through the article is the best choice you can make.

After all, you want to embark upon the journey with the right bong. So, let’s get going with discovering:

Bong Cost

One of the essential factors is the purchase cost.

Before even beginning shopping, it is vital to set up a realistic budget, which will help you browse with ease. Well, the budget usually depends on the materials used and the piece quality, which is why bongs can get expensive quickly.

Bong Material

In continuation to the previous point, the material for making the bong holds paramount importance when considering the price. For instance, a plastic, ceramic, and acrylic bong will be less expensive than the scientific glass bong, which of course, has a better lifespan and beauty than the former product.

A glass bong is the most attractive; it’s easy to clean, making it popular as a long-lasting product than cheaper alternatives.

Glass Thickness and Durability

Stoners may want to agree that it is pretty easy for their graceful movements to go out of the window. And, the last thing that they want is to break their new investment in a day.

And, that’s the reason why glass thickness and durability play a pivotal role. Although a plastic bong won’t be breakable, it will not promise the lifespan of a glass bong in the long run.

Hypothetically, you’re going with glass, which is your best bet; you wish to ensure that you’re choosing a thick glass that will give you maximum durability. In addition to this, you can also go in for a shorter bong with a broader base for increasing its resilience to clumsiness.


Lastly, there are a few accessories that help in enhancing your experience. Many of these add-ons swear to come with their purpose, such as more excellent filtration of smoke.

However, before shopping for one, ensure that these change the appearance and increase the piece’s beauty. Thus, research well and see if that’s precisely what you want.

You can go for splash guards, which help prevent dirty water from entering your mouth, or ice pinches that cool the water. You can also go in for ash catchers, which bestow additional filtration and catch the errant ash.

Although these aren’t necessary, they are worth giving a try to enjoy the best of experience.

The Verdict – Tips to Choose the Best Bong

Well, that’s all for a good smoking experience using a bong.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to shop for a bong with utmost confidence, even if you’re starting with cannabis. Just choose a quality bong that’ll last for years, provided you care for it properly.

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