Cellulite diet? What you eat is so important!

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Dieta na cellulit? Tak ważne jest to co jesz!
Cellulite diet? What you eat is so important!

Cellulite is the same kind of nightmare for everyone who cares for a well-groomed and aesthetic appearance of the skin as mosquitoes can be a nuisance for fans of skin exposure to the sun near fresh water reservoirs. And just as mosquitoes can be extremely bothersome, so irritating can be cellulite, because the struggle to make it disappear leaving our skin smooth can be similar to tilting at windmills.

Why is that happening?

The use of even the most technologically advanced and effective methods against cellulite, such as mechanical treatments, regularly applied anti-cellulite creams or pursuing sports, with inadequate nutrition alongside, will not bring the expected effect – beautiful, smooth and well-groomed skin that pleases the eye and pleasant to the touch. So what products should be limited or totally eliminated from the daily menu, and which ones should find its permanent essential place in our diet, so that cellulite will become only a memory once and for all?

What is the role of diet in the fight against cellulite?

The ultimate elimination or significant reduction of the orange peel effect is very difficult or even impossible without a conscious use of a properly selected diet. What’s more, the wrongly composed menu, abundant in products facilitating the formation of cellulite can quickly ruin the effects of our foregoing anti-cellulite care. Proper nutrition primarily brings benefits to health and well-being. Therefore, the diet should not be used exclusively as an immediate remedy to deal with one specific problem, much more desirably it should become an integral part of our daily functioning as a good habit.

What roles does an anti-cellulite diet play?

A diet that aims to reduce orange peel should meet the following fundamental aims:

  • speed up metabolism (especially fat breakdown),
  • support the removal of toxins and excess water,

as these are the main factors that increase the risk of cellulite.

Products not recommended

Which products should be completely eliminated or at least restrict?

  1. Fatty foods. If you want to enjoy the smoothness and elasticity of your skin, first of all give up heavy, fatty foods that are a source of lipids – these substances are the raw material for creating lumps of cellulite. It is especially worth avoiding „fast food”, highly processed or deep fried foods.
  2. Products containing chemicals. Consuming chemicals contained in highly processed foods and ready meals leads directly to accumulating toxins in tissues and, consequently, to formation of cellulite. Before you decide on a ready dish, read the label carefully and give up the purchase if the product contains many chemical additives. Otherwise, you will risk a significant deterioration in the condition and looks of your skin. It is worth realizing that it is the skin which represents the largest area where the toxic substances are excreted, so if you provide a chemical substance to the body, they will not be processed, and appear on the skin in the form of unwanted lesion, including orange peel.
  3. Salt. Excess salt will not be an ally of those who are fighting the anti-cellulite battle, because salt promotes the retention of water in the body, which unfortunately slows down the removal of toxins thus contributing to the formation of orange peel. It is much wiser to give up very salty foods, and use more spices to perfectly intensify the taste of dishes.
  4. Coffee. Limiting the amount of coffee you drink can have a very positive effect. While one cup a day does not do harm, treating yourself with a black drink several times a day may have a highly negative effect on the appearance and condition of the skin.

What should be on your menu?

What products should be consumed by those who struggle with cellulite?

  • Vegetables and fruits. They are an important source of vitamins and microelements.
  • Zinc (nuts, seeds) and potassium (potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce). Zinc and potassium have a healing effect – they remove the orange peel.
  • Whole grain products. The ingredients contained in whole grains support the removal of toxins from the body, and in addition provide satiety for many hours.
  • Fish. Fish provide us with healthy and valuable fat (omega 3 fatty acids) – needed for building the epidermal lipid layer. Iwhat is significant, fish fat does not build cellulite lumps.
  • Products containing antioxidants (e.g. tomatoes). Antioxidants prevent skin aging processes.


Within the whole variety of vegetables on the plate that care about the appearance of the skin, broccoli and beets should appear as often as possible due to the high nutritional value and the negligible amount of calories. By consuming both of these vegetables, we will positively improve circulation and removing toxic substances from the body.

  • Broccoli. The ingredients of broccoli will help us rebuild collagen in the dermis, are characterized by a high content of lycopene and vitamin C.
  • Beetroot. Beets are an excellent source of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • Bean sprouts. If we add bean sprouts to our meals, we will enrich the diet with valuable vitamins such as: vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K, folic acid and microelements: calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium.

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Fruit, like vegetables, are a great source of minerals, however the time of their consumption is crucial, so pay attention to what time you usuaally eat them. It is much better to include various fruit in meals in the first half of the day, as the sugar contained in them will be broken down and consumed by the body faster, and therefore will not cause building up unwanted kilograms. Kiwi will provide us with a lot of vitamin C, apples – magnesium and zinc, and bananas a substantial dose of potassium.

Water and green tea

The ally in the fight against unaesthetic orange peel will be not only food but also drinks. Both water and green tea drunk in large quantities will help to get rid of toxins from the system, green tea will also help remove excess fat and boost metabolism, and by the way contains many valuable vitamins such as: A, B, C, E, K and P and magnesium, zinc and potassium.

Diet is not enough

A great complement to proper nutrition will be supplementation supporting the fight against orange peel. It is worth using Cellinea cellulite tablets, which contain: Grape seed extract, horsetail, nettle, green tea and dry fucus extract.

In addition to a properly selected diet, regular movement is an extremely important factor in maintaining skin condition. It does not always have to be a competitive sport or an intense effort, such as exercising at the gym or running. Gentle gymnastics, such as pilates, stretching, gentle cycling or an ordinary walk at a medium pace, will work just as well. Many anti-cellulite exercises for thighs, arms or buttocks can be used independently at home, and instructions on how to do them correctly, in what series and with what frequency is available on websites dedicated to healthy lifestyle.

Cellulite is not the easiest opponent in the struggle for a healthy and beautiful appearance, so it is worth treating it comprehensively and using various methods available in combination, because acting synergistically, they have a much greater chance of working effectively. A much better solution than fasting or using nutritionally poor monodiet based on one type of ingredients will be properly balanced meals providing all the necessary ingredients, and at the same time tasty and beneficial to the whole body.

Fight against cellulite and slimming

It often happens that cellulite appears when you are fighting excess weight. Does it have to be this way? It turns out that you can lose weight wisely while achieving the goal of getting rid of fat and cellulite. It is enough to use Chocolate Slim ™ Cocktail – against extra weight, cellulite and acne. The drink is intended for daily use – removes hidden causes of excess weight and at the same time normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

Apples good for cellulite

Apples good for cellulite

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