Epilepsy And Cannabis: How Can CBD Help Remedy The Condition?

Epilepsy And Cannabis: How Can CBD Help Remedy The Condition?

Epilepsy is quite common in low to middle-income countries. However, this statement does not eliminate the possibility of such cases in the US or other developed countries. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 3.4 million people suffer from Epilepsy in the United States.

Surprisingly, cannabis has been historically used to treat epileptic episodes of seizure. And some recent clinical trials have also confirmed its efficacy.

It is worth noting here; two active phytocannabinoids are found in abundance in the cannabis plant. These are namely THC and CBD.

The former causes a euphoric or psychotic effect, while the latter calms down the nerves.

A recent publication actually heated up a debate in the medical world regarding the utility of both these phytocannabinoids.

Which one is more beneficial?

Let’s explore.

CBD For Epilepsy Treatment

It is noteworthy that CBD is medically accepted and legally available in 36 states. Besides, CBD is a non-psychotic cannabinoid in marijuana.

Over the years, CBD has gained more value in the medical field for its effectiveness in treating or helping with numerous mental conditions.

For example, it is now a common prescription drug for anxiety and depression patients. In some cases, it is also prescribed as an anti-inflammatory drug.

However, there are limited studies that confirm if CBD effectively controls seizures during an episode of epilepsy.

Delta 8 THC Variant

Cannabis THC

The other alternative to CBD is using THC for treating epileptic seizures. However, since it is not legal in 36 states, it has limited accessibility for patients.

Besides, THC (more abundant variant delta 9 THC) is also known for inducing paranoia and panic in users. For this reason, it is often discarded as a treatment alternative altogether.

Thankfully, there is a safer variant of delta 9 THC, which is also legal throughout the US. The other variant, delta 8 THC, is available as delta 8 oil or edibles and is usually prepared by processing hemp-grade CBD. For this reason, it is legal and faces little to no federal or state restrictions.

Moreover, the delta 8 variant comes with little or no side effects compared to its isomeric kin delta 9 THC. Which also makes it a safer alternative for seasoned and beginners.

Although the delta 8 THC causes psychotropic effects the same as its kin, there are no terrible trips such as paranoia or panic attacks.

The Bottomline

Clinical trials suggest that cannabinoids are effective in treating or, at least, controlling epileptic episodes. However, controlling seizures is still an ongoing puzzle that needs to be solved.

Some studies suggest CBD is effective in controlling seizures, while others suggest it in contrast.

Besides, there are strict legalities around these cannabinoids.

It means any prescription for the use of marijuana or its extracts is by far and large governed by state and federal laws.

Perhaps, delta 8 THC isomer could be a possible prescription drug legally accepted across all states. And possibly, it could help patients suffering from epilepsy to a large extent.

Author: Ella Brown

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