Is BrainSense ™ a Limitless Pill?

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Is BrainSense™ a Limitless Pill

We’ve all seen Limitless. That was a movie, but it presents an interesting question. Is it possible for a pill to increase your intelligence, so you could do all sorts of cool stuff, like finish that novel and just kill it on the stock market? The answer is no – but there’s a ‘but’ with that.

That ‘but’ hinges on a new, natural cognitive booster, called BrainSense ™, which is formulated with nootropics like vitamin B12, blueberry extract, panax ginseng and phosphatidyl serine. It’s no NZT, but that’s a good thing. Let’s look at why.

What is BrainSense ™ Pill?

BrainSense ™ - The secret to higher intelligence?

BrainSense ™ – The secret to higher intelligence? (hint, it’s not IQ)

BrainSense ™ pill is a natural cognitive booster. It’s natural, and formulated wth known nootropics that help the brain work more efficiently. BrainSense ™ pill is designed to increase working memory, boost energy and increase the brain’s ability to pick up new skills.

If you’re a tech person, think of the RAM (random access memory) on your computer. RAM increases your computer’s work potential and ability to do multiple things at once. BrainSense does a similar function in that it’s designed to increase your working memory (short-term memory). But it’s also designed to increase your ability to learn as well.

BrainSense ™ pills helps you focus, multi-task AND pick up new skills. That’s why it’s so popular with students and working professionals. In a Darwin-esque survival of the fittest environment, BrainSense gives people an edge because it helps them think better and get more done – and very often get that promotion or nail that project that means so much to their career or academic life. See also: What is Brain Pill ™?

Working Memory, NOT IQ

IQ is old-school. It’s an anachronism and poor measure of true intelligence because it only measures your knowledge of specific information. A test can say you’ve got a high IQ, but that’s all it is – a score on a test. There is far too much information in the digital age to be processed by such a narrow scope of the brain’s ability.

Here’s an example of what that means. Recently, researchers asked a child to answer this question: Define the word ‘Police’. The child’s response was ‘I don’t like the police, they took my Dad away’. Was he wrong? Nope. The child answered the question based on his understanding of who the cops were. He answered the question by looking at the big picture – and did not limit his response to a dictionary answer.

Ace Them exam with BrainSense ™ Cognitive Booster!

Ace Them exam with BrainSense ™ Cognitive Booster!

We’re living in an age of information that goes far beyond cultural definitions and the limitations of a specific scope of knowledge. We need to respond in kind, with an increase in our ability to process data and WORK with it in greater capacity. We have to adapt to knowledge in the digital age. Enter working memory, and your ability to analyze and manipulate. Working memory is your ability to get stuff done.

Better Than Limitless Because …

Limitless is limited. It’s based on a common (and ultimately, inaccurate) belief that IQ is the gateway to a better life. That’s just partly true – IQ is dead, but intelligence dictates how you’ll navigate through your world and hit your goals, be they career, financial or personal.

BrainSense ™ boosts your working memory, so your brain is more efficient, works faster, multi-tasks, and concentrates on what needs to get done.

And the we-only-use-10-percent-of-the-brain is just a myth, by the way. Most of your brain is active at all times, and if the 10% myth held weight, brain injuries would not be so detrimental, which unfortunately, is not the case.

With all this said, you can indeed increase your working memory and your brain’s ability to process information. With better working memory your brain gets more efficient and, yes, you boost your smarts. Going by that, BrainSense ™ may be the closest thing to a Limitless Pill you’re going to get. Buy BrainSense ™ to get smart, and the better life that goes with higher intelligence.

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