Choco Lite ™ – A Natural Slimming Cocktail

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Choco Lite ™ – A Natural Slimming Cocktail

Choco Lite ™ is a natural, chocolate slimming cocktail that will allow you to get rid of toxins from the body and lose excess weight. As one of the few products of this type it has been sustaining on the market and its popularity continues to grow which is due to its effectiveness and safety of use. The composition of the product is periodically improved so that the effects are even better.

And the effects of using ChocoLite can be described as amazing.

Even 24 kg in 4 weeks?
Yes, it is possible.

Choco Lite ™ – Natural Slimming Complex

Choco Lite is a cocoa cocktail, which replaces one of the meals, e.g. breakfast. One serving of the preparation (12g) dissolved in a glass of warm water or milk is: 217 kcal, 10 g carbohydrates, 17 g protein, 23 microelements, vitamins and fiber. The manufacturer recommends combining it with vegetables and fruits such as spinach, kale, bananas, oranges and berries. You can add water and vegetable milk, e.g. almond or coconut, to your cocktails. Note for people with diabetes: A properly prepared cocktail (alone without additional fruits and / or vegetables) made of 12g Choco Lite covers 0.2 the need for digestible carbohydrates.

Do you want to lose even 24 kg in 4 weeks?

It’s possible with the Choco Lite set!
Lose weight fast, in a natural and healthy way!

Choco Lite ™ is a dietary supplement that contains the highest quality natural ingredients. The most important of them are natural cocoa, pea protein, organic rice brown protein, oat bran carbohydrates, organic quinoa, organic amaranth, organic buckwheat and organic mijo. Spirulina is also a very important ingredient.

The cocktail is intended for daily use – removes the causes of excess weight and normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

Is ChocoLite a revolution in slimming?

Choco Lite

Choco Lite

Yes! Thanks to ChocoLite:
– you will lose weight,
– cleanse the body of toxins,
– get rid of cellulite and even skin imperfections such as acne.

Remember that being overweight is the cause of many serious diseases.

By restoring normal metabolism and keeping your weight within normal range, you increase your chance for a healthy life.

By using this supplement you achieve several benefits at a time:

  • you regulate metabolism,
  • you cleanse the body of toxins and deposits,
  • you get rid of excess kilos,
  • you gain energy, so you can spend your every day more actively,
  • you gain confidence owing to a better look,
  • you take care of your health by eliminating excess weight – the cause of many dangerous diseases.

Yes – it is a revolution in slimming, because it is a safe and effective product. It is already well known on the market and its popularity is constantly growing. Works on both women and men. The cocktail formula used as a fully balanced meal is very convenient to use. It contains only the highest quality natural ingredients – no harmful chemicals, so it is safe even for people with diabetes.


Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle are the keys
to losing weight and a happy life.

The composition of the dietary supplement, Choco Lite slimming cocktail

The Choco Lite dietary supplement is a complex product. Contains extracts of high-quality ingredients of plant origin. Each of them has an effect on the action of the cocktail.

Natural Cocoa

Cocoa has a delicious taste appreciated around the world – speeds up fat oxidation, stimulates the immune system during the slimming program. Reduces the desire for sweets and prevents snacking between meals. Natural cocoa produces dopamine (the happiness hormone), which has a very positive effect on the fight against excess kilos.

Fiber and pea protein

Pea fiber has a beneficial effect on metabolism. It affects weight loss even without changing your lifestyle and limiting your calories. Highly absorbable protein is the basis of the cocktail, providing the necessary portion to make the meal both dietetic and valuable.

Brown rice fiber and protein

Slimming with a rice diet guarantees a significant drop in body weight and a reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. Scientific research shows that the best slimming effects are brought by brown rice fiber.


ModCard is specially crafted extracts from such ingredients as:

  • Oat bran. Scientific research confirms the healthy (safe) effect of oats dietary supplements to reduce central obesity, body fat percentage and various metabolic disorder criteria.
  • Organic Quinoa. Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) is a pseudo-cereal originally grown in the Andean region. The popularity of its seeds has increased in recent years due to its health and nutritional benefits.
  • Organic Amaranth. Amarantus is sometimes called the “21st century cereal”. Crop Amaranth seeds have a high nutritional value, do not contain gluten, so they can be used in the diet of people with celiac disease.
  • Ecological buckwheat. Buckwheat proteins have a unique amino acid composition that biologically lowers cholesterol, acts as an antihypertensive agent and reduces constipation. The beneficial effect on reducing obesity is explained by a fiber-like effect that interrupts metabolism. Experiments on both animal and human models have revealed that buckwheat flour can have a beneficial effect on diabetes, obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and constipation.
  • Organic Mijo. Mijo is a popular millet that contains approximately 10.3% total protein, 4.5% crude fat, 59% starch and 8.7% crude fiber (fiber).


According to scientific studies, spirulina supplementation at a dose of 1 g / d for 12 weeks effectively reduces body weight and appetite and partially modifies serum lipids. This confirms the effectiveness of this ingredient in controlling and preventing obesity and obesity-related disorders.

How much does Choco Lite cost and where can I buy it?

The Choco Lite slimming preparation receives very good reviews from customers. It’s best to buy it directly from the manufacturer – wyou have the best price guarantee and confidence that you will buy the original product. We warn against purchasing ChocoLite from other sources: websites, street markets or online auctions. There are often counterfeits (e.g. from China) that may not work and may even be hazardous to health. There is only one official website where you can buy a safe product at the best price – the link to it is provided below:

Cocktail Choco Lite

Cocktail Choco Lite

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Dietary supplement, Choco Lite is available in countries such as: Spain, Portugal, Deutschland, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Vietnam, Serbia, Croatia and Albania.


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