Descriptions of dietary supplements

Review: Derminax ™ – overcome your acne once and for all

DERMINAX - natural skin cleansing

When a pimple or a blackhead appears on your face, presumably you are looking for some solutions again to get rid of a stubborn problem as soon as possible. Creams, […]

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Review: Sliminazer (Revita Pharm) – How do these slimming patches work?

Sliminazer (Revita Pharm) – How do these slimming patches work?

What makes Sliminazer® stand out? Commonly available and popular slimming formulations usually provide a dose of active substances in the form of capsules or liquids. Their operation is unfortunately limited in time to the period immediately after we deliver them to the body. They are quickly digested, work only for a limited time and are then excreted from the body. It is different in case of four-layered Sliminazer®. Beneficial substances are released gradually and in stages, owing to which the slimming process lasts 24 / day without interruption!

Review: Nonacne ™ – effective pills against acne


A dietary supplement Nonacne- natural formulation against acne consists exclusively of herbal components. Nonacne effectively eradicates  any variety of acne, regardless of the cause of its appearance. Owing to its […]

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Review: African Mango – a recipe for efficient slimming

African Mango

A well-known specific with a well-grounded recognition on the market. Its never-ending popularity stems from the astounding effectiveness and the lack of jo-jo effect.

Review: Green Coffee Plus ™
a revolutionary remedy for weight loss

Green Coffee Plus

Dietary supplements based on green coffee extract have been well known and appreciated for years. Their effectiveness is proven by numerous studies as well as the reviews of the satisfied customers.

The ingredients of this preparation include: Green Coffee Plus Patented Proprietary Blend 800.00 (mg/2 caps), Green Coffeesup 800.00 (mg/2 caps), Rice flour 90.00(mg/2 caps).

Review: Chocolate Slim ™ Cocktail – for weight loss, cellulite and acne

Chocolate Slim™ Cocktail - for weight loss, cellulite and acne

Chocolate Slim cocktail has a similar action to Choco Lite, but it has a slightly different composition. The power of this preparation is yellowish lacustrine – enormously effective but so far little known. Slimming with the use of cocktails has recently become extremely popular owing to satisfying effects with the minimal effort invested.