Dieters Guide to Stimulants in Weight Loss

Why Are Stimulants Used In Weight Loss Pills? Stimulants are commonly used in weight loss supplements for their effects on the body’s natural metabolism and for their appetite suppressing qualities.

Stimulants can give the dieter an increase in energy, giving them more stamina and endurance which can be beneficial when exercising, allowing the user to exercise for a longer period of time without tiring. And as caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, it can help raise the metabolic rate, helping the body to burn more calories and lose body fat.

Common Stimulant Ingredients

The most common stimulant used in over the counter weight loss pills is caffeine. It helps to promote the feeling of ‘fullness’ so that the temptation to snack between meals is reduced. And it is also shown to have some positive effects on the rate in which the body burns calories, promoting faster calorie and fat burning.

Caffeine increases the levels of the hormone epinephrine (otherwise known as adrenaline) in the blood. Epinephrine travels through the blood to where the fat is stored and sends signals to the brain to break down these fats and they are then released into the blood stream.
Another popular stimulant found in weight loss aids is Bitter Orange extract. Bitter Orange is known as ‘the best thermogenic substitute for ephedra’ and is used to help speed up the metabolism and suppress appetite.

Are Stimulants Bad For You?

Stimulants, when used in moderation, are safe for the majority of people. The amount found in most natural weight loss supplements is within the recommended daily amount.

If you have sensitivity to caffeine (heart palpitations, nervousness) it is recommended to avoid these kinds of stimulants. People with underlying health conditions should consult their doctor before using a weight loss stimulant.

High doses of caffeine can cause insomnia even if you aren’t sensitive to it. That’s why it is recommended to take diet pills containing stimulants in the daytime and not before you go to bed. Choose a diet pill that recommends you to take before breakfast and lunch for best results while avoiding affecting your sleep.

Should You Choose A Diet Pill That Only Contains Stimulants?

Stimulant-based weight loss aids are not for everyone, but they can help people who have had little success with other weight loss supplements, particularly those who struggle with calorie control and food cravings. They are not designed as a long-term weight loss solution but they can definitely help provide a kick-start.

For an all-encompassing diet pill, which contains stimulants plus other ingredients, the one we would recommend is Adiphene.
Adiphene contains 5 stimulants; Guarana Extract, Bitter Orange, Chromium picolinate, Ginseng and Cacao Extract. It also contains 7 more ingredients which combined are designed to tackle all the main problems dieters face.
It helps to suppress appetite, burn fat, reduce fat absorption and boost energy all in one formulation.

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