Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Is acne Your problem?

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Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – ¿problemas con el acné?Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Masz problem z trądzikiem?
Chitosan Bauer Nutrition

Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Is acne Your problem?
Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Is acne Your problem?
The General Rating9.2 / 10
The Rate of Woman10 / 10
Lasting Effects9 / 10
Safety9 / 10
Absence of side effects9 / 10
Affordable price9 / 10
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Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Is acne Your problem?
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Chitosan ™ (250 mg) - BAUER NUTRITION. Chitosan inhibits the growth of bacteria causing acne. Composition: Chitosan - 250mg, Gelatin Shell, Ascorbic Acid - 60mg (75% RDA), Magnesium Stearate (derived from vegetables). Dosage: 4 capsules - 1 or 2 times a day, with a glass (250 ml) of water. If you take other supplements, keep 2 hours distance before you take Chitosan.
Note: Some people sensitive to shellfish (shrimps, mussels, lobsters) may also be allergic to this preparation, and should be very careful when taking it in combination with medication.

Label: Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Is acne Your problem?

Although Bauer Nutrition’s Chitosan ™ ranks among the best diet pills on the market today, you cannot find it at such supplement stores. The original place stocking the product is on the official website.


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Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – Masz problem z trądzikiem?
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Chitosan ™ (250 mg) – ¿problemas con el acné?