Slimming patches

Do you know how slimming pills work and how they are different from other weight loss products? Like a regular sticking plaster, it is a piece of material covered with a self-adhesive substance, applied directly to the skin, which also contains layers permeated with active substances. We may come across varios types of patches on the market – those from medicines and dietary supplements categories. Slimming patches are in most cases high-quality supplements that are delivered to the body transdermally, i.e. through the skin. Is this method of applying active substances better than taking capsules or tablets? In many cases – it is. The advantage of this solution is to bypass the digestive tract and the ability to dispense ingredients at the proper time. Good quality slimming patches are able to provide a supplement for up to 12 hours in an equal dose, so that the weight loss process continues uninterrupted throughout the day.

In this section you will find opinions on the slimming patches available on the market, which in our view are worth considering, when you think of trying out this slimming method.

Review: Sliminazer (Revita Pharm) – How do these slimming patches work?

Sliminazer (Revita Pharm) – How do these slimming patches work?

What makes Sliminazer® stand out? Commonly available and popular slimming formulations usually provide a dose of active substances in the form of capsules or liquids. Their operation is unfortunately limited in time to the period immediately after we deliver them to the body. They are quickly digested, work only for a limited time and are then excreted from the body. It is different in case of four-layered Sliminazer®. Beneficial substances are released gradually and in stages, owing to which the slimming process lasts 24 / day without interruption!